The beautiful, antique Old Tupton Ware lady figurine is hand-painted in a mixture of contrasting colours like violet and green with embossed flowers, and features a flowery design and a woman holding a hat or flower. The lady figurines are no longer in production by Old Tupton Ware. You can still find the figurine sold second hand at different retail outlets.

The first step in creating this work of art is making an earthenware outline mould, which is then burned at around 1000 degrees Celsius to harden the clay and make it suitable for further shaping.

lady figurine pottery hand painted

A clay turner inspects the mould and removes clay while also eliminating seam lines, marks, and flaws. A feminine figurine of an Old Tupton Ware lady moves on to the next phase of production if its clay turner is pleased with its quality. A trained artisan then hand-draws the pattern onto the pottery and traces the contour using an object like an icing bag. After the clay has dried, it is shaped and decorated to give each piece of pottery its own personality.

After the Old Tupton Ware lady figurine has been fired, a turner smooths out any bumps and eliminates any visible seam lines to create a flawless final product. It took eight hours in the kiln and a lot of handwork, but the Tupton ware pottery is finally finished and available for purchase. This Old Tupton Ware figurine of a lady will be loved for years to come because of its beauty and originality.

Although the lady figures are no longer created, you can still buy Teddy Bear Figurines from our shop.

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