large yellow and red vase poppy pattern tube lined and hand painted pottery

Red Flower Vase Poppy Design

small bud style vase sunflowers red and yellow tube lined and hand painted long slim neck

Ceramic Bud Vase Summer Bouquet

small bud shaped vase with tall neck sunflowers on each side yellow and reds green leaves hand painted lovely vase

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Pottery Bud Vase Summer Bouquet Design

flat and round large yellow vase with sunflowers garden design and pearl white 3 inch at top, stunning vase

Large Yellow Vase Summer Bouquet Design

Cream Ceramic Vase Snowdrop Design

Cream Ceramic Vase Snowdrop Design

small single bud vase with yellow background and red poppies

Yellow Poppy Design 8″ Single Bud Vase

large size vase blue iris flower vase with pearl white background

Large Floor Flower Vase Blue Iris Design

blue iris small vase with tube lining bud shape

Small Blue Bud Vase Blue Iris design

slim tall vase with yellow black trees on white background blue sky art deco style
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8 Inch Tall Slim Vase Dawn design

red hibiscus flower pattern pottery vase with navy blue contrasting background

Navy Blue Vase with Hibiscus Flower Design

red hibiscus flowers on blue background hand painted clay vase

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Small Blue Vase Hibiscus design

hand painted snowdrop flower on blue and cream background. Flat round vase shape

Snowdrop Round Flat Vase

Old Tupton Ware Vase with sunflowers decoration and 8 inches tall

Summer Bouquet 8 Inch Vase

large lilac coloured daisy flowers surround this small vase background green plant bottom and cream top tube lined and hand painted eye catching

Small Vase Round Shape Lilac Daisy Design

base green and top cream with tube lined lily flowers rising on all sides, an elegant vase

Lily Valley Cream Flower Vase


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