• Pretty Lilac Daisy flowers surround this tube lined pottery piece hints of yellow and cream background

    11 Inch Tall Cream Vase with Lilac Daisy Design

  • tall slim vase blue flower decoration

    8 Inch Tall Slim Vase Blue Iris Design

  • slim tall vase with yellow black trees on white background blue sky art deco style

    8 Inch Tall Slim Vase Dawn design

  • Animal Night Light Butterfly Design

  • bear ornament cream colour with navy blue and bold red hibiscus flower hand painted

    Bear Ornament – Hibiscus Design

  • cute bear ornament made by old tupton ware

    Bear Ornament – Summer Bouquet design

  • cream ceramic ornament of a bear with pink flowers

    Bear Ornament Wisteria Design

  • Out of Stockpottery lamp night light plug in with blue iris floral design pretty pottery with led light

    Bedroom Night Light Blue Iris design

  • pretty yellow honey pot with floral pattern style of victorian pottery hand painted bee on lid spoon included

    Bee Honey Pot Daffodil Design

  • Out of Stockfloor standing vase sunflowers design red and yellow colours tube lined and hand painted a centre piece of any living room

    Big Floor Vase For Living Room Summer Bouquet Design

  • blue bear ornament with pretty floral pattern made from earthenware pottery hand painted

    Blue Bear Ornament – Iris Design

  • small ceramic vase pottery mini flower decorations yellow and purple

    Bottle Neck Ceramic Vase Lilac Daisy Design

  • remembrance day gift floral vase with red poppies elegant vase

    Bottle Neck Ceramic Vase Poppy Design

  • tube lined vase hand painted with floral design 11inches tall ceramic vase

    Bottle Neck Vase Blue Iris Design

  • summer bouquet style bottle neck vase tube lined and hand painted

    Bottle Neck Vase Summer bouquet

  • bud vase with remembrance day decoration red poppy decor around tube lining hand painted

    Bud Vase Red Poppy Design