Old Tupton Ware, established in 2001 by two friends who sell giftware in Mid-Wales, Tupton Ware is a brand renowned for its exceptional quality and authentic craftsmanship. The pottery is made using a unique process that begins with liquid clay poured into moulds.  As the clay dries, any excess is removed to create a smooth, unmarked surface.  The talented turners then smooth out any marks and seam lines.

The unique patterns are drawn on by a tracer, and then outlined in soft clay using a tube lined technique. The pottery is then hand-painted, glazed and fired in a kiln for eight hours to create a beautiful, long-lasting piece.

Each piece of Old Tupton Ware is a work of art, made with care and attention to detail. Experience the difference for yourself and add a touch of timeless elegance to your home with Old Tupton Ware pottery.