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Large vase is a floor standing vase and old tupton ware products are tube lined and hand painted

Get Creative with Large Vases for Home Decor

Large vases are available in a range of sizes and designs, including large flat vases with flower decor on the sides and floor-standing vases.

The large vases look fantastic as floor-standing decor in your home. Because of its size and suitability for floor decorations, the large vase is also known as the tall vase and floor vase.

Where in the house should large vases be displayed?

We recommend lightening up the floor space in your house. You may use fresh flowers or artificial flowers in the vase.

Looking for a smaller vase? Then check out the mini vase collection.

hand painted snowdrop flower on blue and cream background. Flat round vase shape
(2 customer reviews)

Snowdrop Round Flat Vase

modernist style large red and orange tree on pearl white background, hills near base and home in background
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Modern Ceramic Vase Noon design

flat and round large yellow vase with sunflowers garden design and pearl white 3 inch at top, stunning vase

Large Yellow Vase Summer Bouquet Design

Red poppy flowers surround the Vase on Faint yellow backdrop stylish hand painted vase flat round shape

Large Red Vase with Yellow Poppy Decor

large size vase blue iris flower vase with pearl white background
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Large Floor Flower Vase Blue Iris Design

flat large vase made from ceramics by artisans, hand painted iris flower on both sides

Large Ceramic Vase Blue Iris Design

floor standing vase sunflowers design red and yellow colours tube lined and hand painted a centre piece of any living room

Big Floor Vase For Living Room Summer Bouquet Design