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Bud Vase in shape of a flower Bud design all with floral patterns

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For those who don't know, a bud vase is a small, usually narrow container made to hold a single flower. Of course, you can put a pair of flowers or a small bouquet in a bud vase, but it's meant to show off the boldness of a single stem.

Flower Ideas for a Ceramic bud vase: Hydrangea all by itself, one rose, Two or three tulips, A single orchid on its own, One stem of a bird of paradise. A small bunch of yellow sunflowers, Iris in a bud vase that is tall, A tiny group of peonies.

small bud style vase sunflowers red and yellow tube lined and hand painted long slim neck

Ceramic Bud Vase Summer Bouquet

small bud shaped vase with tall neck sunflowers on each side yellow and reds green leaves hand painted lovely vase

Pottery Bud Vase Summer Bouquet Design

small single bud vase with yellow background and red poppies

Yellow Poppy Design 8″ Single Bud Vase

blue iris small vase with tube lining bud shape

Small Blue Bud Vase Blue Iris design


Small Bud Vase Yellow Red Poppy Design


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Hibiscus Design 3 Inch Blue Bud Vase


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