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Bottle Neck Vases - The Perfect Centerpiece for Any Occasion

Like a bottle, a bottleneck vase has a smaller diameter at the top and a bigger middle.

What are the advantages of using a Bottle Vase?

Flowers will stand tall and not droop as much as they would in a larger rimmed vase.

Flowers are always submerged in water because the bigger part in the middle can hold more liquid.

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tube lined vase hand painted with floral design 11inches tall ceramic vase

Bottle Neck Vase Blue Iris Design

small ceramic vase pottery mini flower decorations yellow and purple
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Bottle Neck Ceramic Vase Lilac Daisy Design

summer bouquet style bottle neck vase tube lined and hand painted
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Bottle Neck Vase Summer bouquet

remembrance day gift floral vase with red poppies elegant vase

Bottle Neck Ceramic Vase Poppy Design