We found a number of customers searching on google for the old tupton ware wikipedia page!

The “Old Tupton Ware” Wikipedia page previously contained inaccuracies regarding the brand’s history and origins. It erroneously stated that Old Tupton Ware was established in 2001 by two friends selling giftware in Mid-Wales. This misinformation did not align with the actual history of the brand.

Owner’s Correction Request and Page Removal:

In response to the incorrect information on the Wikipedia page, the owner of Old Tupton Ware took proactive steps to address the issue. Request Old Tupton ware Wikipedia page was removed from the website. She provided reliable sources and initiated discussions on the article’s “Talk” page to ensure transparency and consensus among Wikipedia editors.

Following these efforts, the inaccurate information was removed, and the Wikipedia page for Old Tupton Ware no longer exists; however, to read correct information that represents the brand’s history and craftsmanship, head over to the Old Tupton Ware About page.

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