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Replacing your Light pull cord

art deco ceramic light pull

If you’re interested in improving your bathroom lighting, a simple and effective solution is to replace the light pull cord. The light pull cord plays a crucial role in turning the light on and off, and it’s a small but…

How Does a Pull Light Switch Work?

ceramic light pull for bathroom review by customer

If you have ever been curious about how to operate a pull light switch, you are not alone. Pull light switches are a popular type of light switch that can be found in homes and buildings worldwide. These switches are…

Best Practices for Glazing Earthenware Pottery

Glazing earthenware pottery with Old Tupton Ware: The process of glazing earthenware pottery is crucial to making the finished product more resilient and long-lasting. This page explains how to glaze your pottery. The Potter’s Preparation: Make sure the pottery piece…

Pottery firing temperatures for earthenware

graphic for old tupton ware pottery process

Earthenware is a type of pottery fired at low temperatures, often between 1,080°F (580°C) and 1,200°F (650°C). The lower temperature range is known as “bisque firing” and is commonly used to harden and dry the clay, while the higher temperature…

Best flowers for a bud vase

small bud shaped vase with tall neck sunflowers on each side yellow and reds green leaves hand painted lovely vase

A thin, small bud vase holds a single stem or a small bunch of flowers. They are sometimes used to just display a single flower or a few stalks, allowing the beauty of the flowers to stand out. Bud vases…