The technique of hand painting tube lined pottery blends the delicate lines of tube lining with the strong colours and motifs of hand painting. This technique is used produce elaborate and beautiful designs on the Old Tupton Ware and Moorcroft pottery range, but it does need a steady hand and attention to detail.

For hand painting tube lined pottery, here are some tips and tricks:

Adding the design to the Pottery:

Before painting, make sure the pottery piece has been bisque fired and is free of excess slip.

First, draw out the design on the pottery piece with a pencil or marker. This will assist you in visualising the final design and allow you to make any required revisions.

lady figurine pottery hand painted

The Pottery: Painting

  • Paint the design onto the pottery piece using a fine paintbrush.
  • Fill in the lines left by the tube lining with small, steady strokes.
  • To avoid smudging or smearing the paint, we recommend you work in small pieces.
  • Don’t forget to use a wet brush to combine colours and get a smooth, uniform finish.


Allow the paint to completely dry before refiring the pottery piece.
The paint will be fused to the surface of the pottery piece after it has been fired, creating a long-lasting and resilient design.


Before attempting to paint on the final piece, we like to practise painting on a spare piece of pottery or paper.

Mix and test colours on a palette or mixing tray before putting them on the pottery piece.

Use a small amount of paint at a time to keep the brush from getting too full and making a sloppy design.

and don’t forget to take your time and work gently to produce an accurate and detailed final design.

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