Eyeglasses can easily be broken by standing on them, sitting on them, or dropping them!

Also, it is easy to lose them, thinking you put your glasses in a safe place, only to find you moved them.

So buying a glasses stand can keep your eyeglasses safe and available to use at all times.

Three Types of glasses stands that are available on the UK market.

  1. A multipurpose glasses stand that allows for storage of other essentials or second pair of glasses and shades
  2. Single eyeglass stands made from plastic or wood You can buy these for storage space; however, they are usually not an item you want to display as an ornament.
  3. Pretty and quirky spectacle stands made from ceramics and pottery can be both ornaments and glasses holder / display stands in your home.

Here are the range of eyeglass stands by Old Tupton Ware below.

Why use a glasses rest?

The ideal pair of eyeglasses will fit snugly over the bridge of your nose and when not wearing your glasses you will want them to remain in shape and not get squashed or trampled on. Let the glasses Rest on a holder like the nose shaped stands above and keep them safe from scratches and bending.

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