Unusual Light pulls for bathroom

A great bathroom design can brighten both big and small bathrooms and entertain guests, while also giving you a relaxing space to unwind after a long day. You can also impress friends and family with adding some colour and zing. For instance, adding bight colours to your design can make all the difference from a plain bathroom to an interested and original design

Make use of eye-catching designs.

Old Tupton Ware sell a growing range of unusual and colourful designs, here’s a selection of some of the funky light pulls below.

Brighten up your bathroom

We found after viewing a lot of bathrooms that, with colourful designs, it is simple to entirely change the space. Consider picking cheerful hues such as calamine, reds, yellows, and oranges for your light palette. Try some funky designs for an unusual bathroom pull handle, with colourful patterns and art work.

Light Pull for Bathroom colour schemes

Bathroom colour schemes that match the light fixture are important if you want your bath or shower room to look and feel just right.

So be adventurous and complete your bathroom decor with colours that contrast with the light pull. For a red, yellow, and orange pull handle, you may want to look for ornaments, curtains, and rugs with a similar colour scheme to colour coordinate the theme of your bathroom.

For the full range of bathroom handles head on on over to the unusual light pulls category page here.

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