If you’re interested in improving your bathroom lighting, a simple and effective solution is to replace the light pull cord. The light pull cord plays a crucial role in turning the light on and off, and it’s a small but important part of any bathroom light fixture.

When you purchase a new ceramic light pull, then maybe its time to change your pull cord too?

How do you replace a light cord?

Replacing the light pull cord is a straightforward process that requires some basic DIY lighting skills and a few tools. You’ll begin by trimming the cord to your desired length and tying a knot at the end to secure it. After that, you’ll insert the cord through the light pull and tie another knot to keep it in place.

By replacing the light pull cord, you can enhance your bathroom lighting without spending a lot of money. With some DIY know-how and basic tools, you can quickly and easily update your bathroom light pull cord with a colourful cord or maybe a metal chain, another idea is a rustic look with twine string.

So why not take the opportunity to improve your bathroom lighting by changing the style of your cord string. Learn more about how light pulls switches work here

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