Bud vases are very small vases. Its slim profile makes it ideal for displaying a single bloom or a small group of flowers.

Other names for Bud vases are mini vases and small vases.

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However, filling small shaped vases might be challenging. The trick is to use only a couple of flowers, and to use blossoms that are heavy without opening too widely. This vase form is ideal for showcasing delicate flowers such as frangipanis, succulents, violets, or anemones.

The following flowers are some of the other most popular choices for bud vases:

  • A hydrangea.
  • Only one rose.
  • One bird of paradise stem.
  • Just a few tulips.
  • A larger bud vase of irises.
  • A solitary orchid.
  • A small bunch of sunflowers.
  • A hydrangea
  • A small bouquet of pink peonies.

More flower ideas

How to Arrange Flowers in a Bud vase.

Prepare the number of bud vases you wish to display, Small vases look better in combination.
Put water in the bud vases.
Place only one kind of flower at a time.
Keep putting flowers in and don’t overload; 1 to 3 is recommended.

Try different contrasts of colours, like purple and yellow or blue, and white.

Complete the table floral arrangement in the remaining bud vases.

To what use do small vases serve in a display?

Displaying empty vases looks best when they are in groups of three or five and are all of varying heights. Place them on a console table in the foyer to draw the eye, or arrange them on a sideboard in the living room or dining room. They also make a stunning addition to any shelf.

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