Old Tupton Ware Hibiscus design

Stunning hand painted bold red Hibiscus flower and contrasting navy blue background.  The pottery is made with eathenware clay.

bear ornament cream colour with navy blue and bold red hibiscus flower hand painted

Bear Ornament – Hibiscus Design


Ceramic Trinket Box Hibiscus Design

bud vase by old tupton ware

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Hibiscus Design 3 Inch Blue Bud Vase

cute HoneyJar navy blue pottery with bright red hibiscus flower

Hibiscus Design HoneyJar

flowers hand painted on this nos shaped glasses stand red and blue colours complement each other

Hibiscus Glasses Stand Holder

red hibiscus flower pattern pottery vase with navy blue contrasting background

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Navy Blue Vase with Hibiscus Flower Design

Stunning red hibiscus flower decoration and bold shades of blue contrast on this small vase

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Small Blue Ceramic Vase Hibiscus Design

red hibiscus flowers on blue background hand painted clay vase

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Small Blue Vase Hibiscus design

stem vase red flowers and navy blue background all hand painted
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Small single stem Vase Hibiscus Design