Old Tupton Ware Blue Iris design

Stunning hand painted Iris flower with royal blue petals and yellow contrasting colour.  pink and cream background

pottery lamp night light plug in with blue iris floral design pretty pottery with led light

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Bedroom Night Light Blue Iris design

blue bear ornament with pretty floral pattern made from earthenware pottery hand painted

Blue Bear Ornament – Iris Design

tube lined vase hand painted with floral design 11inches tall ceramic vase

Bottle Neck Vase Blue Iris Design

bright blue, yellow green colours hand painted and tube lined eyeglass stand

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Eyeglass Holder Stand – Blue Iris Design

flat large vase made from ceramics by artisans, hand painted iris flower on both sides
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Large Ceramic Vase Blue Iris Design

large size vase blue iris flower vase with pearl white background
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Large Floor Flower Vase Blue Iris Design

Small honey jar with bold blue iris flower, bee on lid and spoon included

Mini Honey Jar – Blue Iris Design

Small vase blue flower round and pretty
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Small Vase – Blue Iris design

slim pitcher vase tube lining and hand painted blue iris flower on sides

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Tall Jug Vase Blue Iris Design