What are the designs of Old Tupton Ware?

What are the designs of Old Tupton Ware?

If you're looking for truly one-of-a-kind or personalised handmade pieces, look no further than our flower-decorated pottery.

The range of products is commonly designed with floral arrangements, patterns, or single flowers surrounding the pottery. The products are pretty and colourful in appearance and brighten up your home.

Selection of popular Lavender design

Flat and round purple vase cream background with lavender creeping up near to the rim attractive vase
Stunning cream vase with lavender flowers rising hand painted pottery
small round and flat white vase with lavender flower around, delicate presentation
lavender floral design on this bathroom light pull unique hand painted pottery by old tupton ware
Lavender flower hand painted on this small white vase
Purple floral pattern painted onto this pretty nose shaped eyeglass stand made from earthenware pottery
lavender floral pattern purple and white background small and round honey jar cute kitchen pottery
night light low energy with lavender flower design made from ceramics lamp shape

Tupton Ware Designs with more meaning

The yellow and red poppy design is ideal for Remembrance Day (also known as Red Poppy Day).Since the end of World War I, Commonwealth countries have celebrated Remembrance Day (also known as "Poppy Day") by wearing poppies.

large yellow and red vase poppy pattern tube lined and hand painted pottery
small single bud vase with yellow background and red poppies
small and round shaped vase with cream yellow background and big red poppies tube lined and hand painted
yellow cream background and bold red poppy on this small flower vase
Cute vase with red poppy flowers on all sides hand painted and tube lined pottery
Red poppy flowers surround the Vase on Faint yellow backdrop stylish hand painted vase flat round shape

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Yellow background bold red poppy pattern around this tall ceramic vase
Red poppy and light yellow cream background painted on this eyeglasses holder unique
mini honey pot bold red poppy flowers tube lined and hand painted
small bear ornament with remembrance day poppy design
remembrance day gift - red poppy night light

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Alternatives to floral designs are the modern and art deco ranges, stripes, farm themes, animals, and more for those wanting a unique pottery gift.

Art Deco was a popular style in the 1920s and 1930s. It is distinguished by its use of geometric or stylized forms and man-made materials.

Here is the Funky Stripey design titled as 'Storm'.

You can see that you can buy a collection of storm-related pottery to coordinate in your home.

rainbow shaped pattern red purple funky light pull
novelty nose glasses holder with colourful stripes reds and blues stunning pottery piece
stylish honey pot jar swirls of colours red pink blues a very unique and cool honey jar