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Old Tupton Ware Vase Collection

The Old Tupton Ware vases are noted for their elective collection of lifelike floral patterns of well-known flowers, We have the largest collection of these vases available to buy online.

Old Tupton Ware vases are a perfect combination of beauty and usefulness, handcrafted by expert artisans. Each piece is unique and eye-catching because of the elaborate patterns and vibrant hues. These vases are wonderful for displaying your favourite flowers and are perfect for bringing a bit of style to any decor. On a special occasion, they are also perfect for giving to someone, whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, or just to say thank you. So, why delay? An Old Tupton Ware vase will instantly add a sense of elegance to your home.

bud vase small size pottery

Small bud vase Lilac daisy design

mini vase thin stem and wide base pretty snowdrop flower pattern

Mini vase bud style snowdrop design

pretty and stylish floral patterned bud vase hand painted
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Small bud vase spring bouquet design

summer bouquet style bottle neck vase tube lined and hand painted
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Bottle Neck Vase Summer bouquet

remembrance day gift floral vase with red poppies elegant vase

Bottle Neck Ceramic Vase Poppy Design

pretty vase or pitcher with spout and handle and red poppy decor elegant gift

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Tall Slim Jug Vase Red Poppy Design

slim pitcher vase tube lining and hand painted blue iris flower on sides

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Tall Jug Vase Blue Iris Design

bud vase with remembrance day decoration red poppy decor around tube lining hand painted

Bud Vase Red Poppy Design


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Shop - Vases FAQs

How do you hand paint a vase?

The whole process of hand-painting an Old Tupton Ware vase is done by skilled artists, and a single piece might take several hours to finish. The final product is a lovely, unique, handmade work of art with character.

After the pottery has been baked, a transparent glaze is applied. The pottery is then decorated using rich colours that will not fade or run when fired. The pottery is subsequently refired in the kiln, which hardens the paint and imparts the final glaze.

How long will my Old Tupton Ware Vase delivery take?

Your Vase will be picked and packed by warehouse staff (1-2 working days) and then Royal Mail will deliver to your address (2-5 working days). So altogether, you can assume maximum of 6 days on average from when you place your order. You can also choose special delivery for a tracked service 1-2 day delivery service.

Do you stock the Old Tupton Ware poppy vase?

Yes, we offer the stunning Old Tupton Ware Poppy Vase with the yellow red poppy design, poppies also known to symbolise remembrance day. Each vase is handcrafted with intricate designs and vivid colours. Ideal for home decor or special gifts, our collection is sure to impress. Browse our online collection today and take home a piece of beauty and remembrance.