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Yellow Red Poppy Designs

Red poppies on yellow and cream background are a hand painted pottery line by Old Tupton Ware ideal for remembrance day gifts.  The design has bold red poppy flower pattern and black tube lined outline.  Green leaves add contrast to the design.

remembrance day gift - red poppy night light

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LED Night Light – Red Poppy Design

small bear ornament with remembrance day poppy design

Small Bear Ornament Yellow Red Poppy Design

mini honey pot bold red poppy flowers tube lined and hand painted

Mini Honey Pot – Yellow Red Poppy Design

Red poppy and light yellow cream background painted on this eyeglasses holder unique

Eye Glasses Holder Stand – Yellow Red Poppy Design

Yellow background bold red poppy pattern around this tall ceramic vase

Yellow Red Poppy Ceramic Vase UK Available


Out of stock

Small Bud Vase Yellow Red Poppy Design

Red poppy flowers surround the Vase on Faint yellow backdrop stylish hand painted vase flat round shape

Large Red Vase with Yellow Poppy Decor

Cute vase with red poppy flowers on all sides hand painted and tube lined pottery

Small Ceramic Vase Yellow Red Poppy Design

yellow cream background and bold red poppy on this small flower vase

Small Flower Vase Yellow Red Poppy Design

small and round shaped vase with cream yellow background and big red poppies tube lined and hand painted

Small Round Vase Yellow Red Poppy

small single bud vase with yellow background and red poppies

Yellow Poppy Design 8″ Single Bud Vase

large yellow and red vase poppy pattern tube lined and hand painted pottery

Red Flower Vase Poppy Design