Old Tupton Ware Noon design

The Noon style is a brightly coloured hand painted ceramic pottery with details of cottage, chimney, and tree.  Tube lining the outlines is taken care off before glazing and firing in the kiln.

little honey pot with hand painted art decoration spoon included bee on lid

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Little Honey Jar with Noon Design

mini vase with modern decor hand painted by old tupton ware

Mini Modern Vase Noon Design

modernist style large red and orange tree on pearl white background, hills near base and home in background
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Modern Ceramic Vase Noon design

Eyeglass stand made in the shape of a nose holds your glasses securely modern hand painted design 4 inches tall red and white colours
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Noon design – Stand for Eyeglasses

rustic ceramic light pull white and red colours artist design

Novelty Light Pull – Noon Design

small modern vase red tree with white and yellow pattern

Small Modern Vase Noon Design

Flat round shape vase with art deco design of red tree and home hills unique style vase
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Small Round Flat Vase Noon Design