Old Tupton Ware Lilac Daisy design

Lilac colour daisies and contrasting yellow background.  Floral outline is tube lined and then the flower is hand painted by artisans.

Pretty Lilac Daisy flowers surround this tube lined pottery piece hints of yellow and cream background

11 Inch Tall Cream Vase with Lilac Daisy Design

small ceramic vase pottery mini flower decorations yellow and purple
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Bottle Neck Ceramic Vase Lilac Daisy Design

bud vase small size pottery

Small bud vase Lilac daisy design

small vase bud shape with long stem lilac daisy pattern as decoration bright vibrant art deco

Small Vas with Lilac and Daisy Design

large lilac coloured daisy flowers surround this small vase background green plant bottom and cream top tube lined and hand painted eye catching
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Small Vase Round Shape Lilac Daisy Design

small vase by old tupton ware

Small White Ceramic Vase Lilac Daisy Design