How are pottery brands Moorcroft and Old Tupton Ware alike?

When were they established?

In 1897, ceramicist William Moorcroft introduced a special range of his designs, marking the beginning of the Moorcroft story. Old Tupton Ware first opened around the year 2000.

Where did their journey begin?

Old Tupton ware was launched for the first time in the English village of Old Tupton, Derbyshire. W. Moorcroft Limited’s headquarters are in The Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, England.

Moorcroft vases collection for post about tube lining and comparing old Tupton ware pottery
Moorcroft vases collection

Moulds and hand turning differ from one another.

In order to achieve the desired form, each Moorcroft piece is turned by hand. While moulds are used to create Old Tupton ware items. Clay is poured into moulds while still wet, and the excess is removed from the centre and the outside as the clay dries.

There is a unique process called tube lining that both ceramic brands use.

Designers hand over paper line work to tracers, who manually transfer the designs to the final piece. As a final step, the tube liner slip traces the pattern onto the clay form. The floating method of handprinting is used on the clay piece after it has dried for a night. The paint can then freely move within the newly formed tubeline zones. Each piece is biscuit fired for eight hours, then hand glazed, air dried overnight, and hand smoothed before being fired for another eight hours.

Tube-lining pottery

Both pottery brands rely heavily on hand-painted artwork created by skilled artists.

Artists from all across the world have contributed designs to Moorcroft. Designs covering a wide range of topics. The beautiful floral designs found on most pieces of old tupton ware are the work of a small group of artists.

Brands have significantly different price points.

Due to its reputation and the time-consuming technique of hand-spinning the pieces before designs are sketched on them, Moorcroft is around ten times more expensive than old tupton ware.

Moorcrofts pieces can fetch £500 to £900 each. Tupton Ware vases are more budget friendly and prices range from £20 to £150 for their largest vases.



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